Wednesday 1 May 2019

Oathsworn Miniatures: Wind in the Willows Band

Wind in the Willows Band - Ready To Free Toad Hall

Oathsworn Miniatures were new to me but my wife spotted their stand at Salute and was charmed by their anthropomorphic woodland animals.

Back home I ordered a set of figures with the aim of making a warband for Thud & Blunder.

The miniatures are not cheap to are beautifully sculpted with almost no flash or mould lines. The largest - Badger - is resin while the smaller models are metal.

Very easy models to paint, with lots of folds and sharp, well-delineated edges.

Mr Badger

Badger equips himself with a stout stick and a brace of pistols.

The Water Rat

Ratty has pulled out his old East India Merchant Marine uniform, with harness to carry a pistol and cutlass.

The Mole

Moley is still hopeful on appealing to the Stoats & Weasels better nature by reading them uplifting passages from The Good Book - but still carries a pistol and knife, just in case.


And then there's Otter who had also been a seafaring animal in his wilder days - but not in either the Royal Navy or the Merchant Marine.

Mr Toad

Toad's experiences with Motor Cars has caused him to eschew all modern conveniences. His latest enthusiasm is to imitate his ancient druid ancestors.