Saturday 15 August 2020

40K: Cult Of The Cleansing Flame


Occasionally, the Temple of the Cleansing Flame finds it necessary to deal robustly with unbelievers and apostates.

In such situations a Churchwarden Team is usually deployed.

Eldar & Verger

Churchwardens are led by Vergers. Ideally, the team includes an Eldar entrusted to carry The Cleansing Flame, an eminently suitable device for chastising apostates in particular.

Churchwardens Militant

Churchwardens Militant Sursum

Wednesday 5 August 2020

One Hour Skirmish Wargames: ISIS Patrol Army List

ISIS Motorised Patrol

I recently came across a GoPro video shot by an ISIS Commander: it was taken off his body.

It featured a motorised patrol of ISIS fighters all in one vehicle that had got in a fight with US soldiers.

What struck me was the very poor morale of the fighters except that they were clearly terrified of the commander. When he was shot and wounded, they all immediately fled off in their truck.

That incident has inspired this army.

The truck and Recoiless Rifle are by Antenocitis Workshop and the infantry by Footsore USA.

Morale: 0

The patrol works out at 46 points.

Toyota Hilux Technical

Technical Data
Crew: 3, driver plus two gunners
Unarmoured: 0/0/0
Gun: Range: infinite, minimum 20", one shot, blast radius 3", armour piercing 3
Transport: 4 passengers
Move: 24"
Special Rules:
1. The technical must be stationary for the gun to fire
2. The gun may not fire into the front 90 degree arc as it would blow in the windscreen
3. The backblast knocks down any model within 6" of the rear 45 degree arc of the gun
4. The two gunners may be targeted by small arms independently of the technical - they count as being in the open
5. All the models may pile into/onto the technical to be carried in excess of the transport limit but draw a card after every move of the vehicle- the player must beat 3+ or one of the excess passengers falls off and is placed 'Down' halfway along the move.

Points: 6


Commander: Leader 4, Inspiring, Assault Rifle, 11 points

Holy Man: Leader 2, Assault Rifle, 7 points

Assault Rifle: one shot range infinite OR two shots range 18"


Sentries: Assault Rifle, Looted Night Vision, 2 points each

Note; the night vision gear only matter if a night scenario is envisaged - at this point they should be costed as at least 1, depending on the range advantage they confer.

Brutal Fighters

Brutal Fighter: Bruiser 1 (machete), SMG, 3 points each

SMG: one shot at range 18" OR two shots at range 6"


Fighter: Assault rifle, 2 points each

Support Weapons

Fighter: PK LMG, 3 points
Fighter: RPG 7, 4 points
Fighter: Pistol, RPG 27, 3 points

PK LMG: range infinite, 2 shots
RPG 7: range 18", one shot, armour piercing 4 OR minimum range 10", one shot blast radius 2"
RPG 27: minimum range 6", maximum range 24", one shot (no reloads), armour piercing 5, blast radius 3"

Note: the model has a MANPAD but it doubles as a modern RPG for this army.