Saturday 24 March 2018

Hi Tech Miniatures Inquisitor

I fancied doing something different for an Inquisitor model so selected something from Hi Tech Miniatures, who do a vast range of pseudo-40K stuff.

These models are high quality resin and not cheap but IMHO worth it.

Incidentally, if you only want to buy a single model you may find it cheaper postage-wise in the UK to buy from their eBay offers.

The only change I have made to the model is to remove the rather anaemic storm-bolter and replace it with a Mechanicus gun.

Sunday 11 March 2018

Thousand Sons Patrol

Thousand Sons Patrol

   I am a great fan of playing with small armies in 40K as I think the large models need space and lots of terrain to make manoeuvre tactically important. The background of the Thousand Sons in particular lend themselves to narrative games featuring an intrepid exploration team: and here is my version.


   An Exalted Sorcerer, or Sorcerer if appropriate, is the leader of the expedition and the only HQ.

Rubric Marine Section

   The 'muscle' of my sorcerer's team is provided by a section of Thousand Sons Rubric Marines, which I class as 'Troops' in a Thousand Son force.


   A mixed unit of Horrors make an excellent 'meat-shield' of expendables.


   A small unit of Daemon Screamers of Tzeentch are great as a fast attack strike unit or emergency reserve, capable of quickly exploiting a success or plugging a hole.


   And finally the Mirrorfiend, played as a Forgefiend, give the patrol a heavy assault unit.

So there it is, a finished army.

Well, almost finished as I might just add some Tzaangors or cultists.....and maybe some Scarab Terminators as an elite bodyguard, and....................

Thursday 8 March 2018

Daemon Engine of Tzeentch - Mirrorfiend

"The monstrosity that pushed its way between two warehouses stripped to bare ferrocrete was neither living nor machine but a wyrd-cursed amalgam. Its six many-jointed legs carried a flattened body from which protruded long growths with puckered openings at the top. Metallic plates grew from unnatural flesh, glinting with heretical runework. Warpfire flickered from the body-tubes, leaving trails of multicoloured exhaust fume. Its head was like that of a giant beetle, many-pronged antlers of black and red like a phalanx of spears thrust from the top"
Thorpe, 'Ashes of Prospero'

There are a number of hints across 40K lore of a special daemon engine of Tzeentch that looks like a beetle, sort off. It should have its own rules but can be played as a Forgefiend with ectoplasma cannons and jaws.

This particular model is a Bob Olley sculpt sold by Reaper as a Giant Beetle in metal, and is slightly small for a daemon engine but not outrageously so - given that a mirrorfiend is described elsewhere as 'slightly smaller than a battle tank'.

Mierce Miniatures make a bigger sculpt that would be even more suitable but is inevitably more expensive, around £40.