Wednesday, 17 February 2021

9th Ed. Necron Army: 1. Warlord


Overlord & Royal Warden

I have just about finished a new Necron Army for 9th Ed. with mostly new models.

My warlord is an Overlord, a senior battle-hardened aristocrat. Backing him up is a Royal Warden who is that rare thing in Necron society - a loyal subordinate who can still think for himself.

I have stuck with traditional Sautekh Dynasty colours, silver grey and translucent green but have been a little adventurous with base decorations. The bases are supposed to represent a waking, damaged tomb complex so we have metallic purple floors and translucent red representing living metal flowing around repairs.

I will be putting up new units every day or so so stay tuned for more undead, tomb-king, 40K androids.

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Ultrasmurf Army


This army isn't new but I had just given it a very basic paint job to get it on the table for 8th edition. As I now have time on my hands, sigh, I decided to tart them up a bit.

I wanted to give my Ultramarines a completely different feel to the Blood Angels as they are based on the 'safe' side of the Great Rift. Their armour and vehicles are clean, well maintained, waxed and polished....and in general they are better equipped. This is a mechanised detachment rather than an infantry raiding force.

1. HQ characters, Captain (5 points), three Lieutenants, one a Reiver (at 4 points each), and a Librarian converted from spare Primaris model (5 points).

2. Battleline Repulsor IFV (16 points) and two five-man Intercessor Squads (at 5 points each).

7. Battleline Tactical Squad of Old-Style Marines (10 points).

3. Heavy Fire Support Hell Blaster Squad (5 points).

4. Fast Attack Inceptor Squad (6 points).

5. Elite Reiver Squad (5 points) and Primaris Ancient (4 points).

6. Elite Scout Sniper Squad (4 points).

8. Contemptor Dreadnought (8 points).

9. CAS Stormtalon Gunship (9 points).

10. CAP Stormhawk Interceptor (10 points).

If I fielded the lot, the army comes to 112 points.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Indomitus Blood Angels Elite Close Combat Army

 HQ Units

I chose to paint my Indomitus Primaris marines as Blood Angels to represent the armies of the Imperium Nihilis. The models in the box let me assemble an elite, close combat, strike army - for which Blood Angels are perfect.

There are three HQ units: a Captain (centre), Lieutenant (right), and a chaplain (left). For a small army this is a heavy HQ loading.


In keeping with its elite status we have two elite characters: a Judiciar (left, a sort of champion with time-slow device), Bladeguard 'Ancient' carrying a Chapter Standard, and a Bladeguard Veteran Squad led by a sergeant (black shield).

These are all close quarter troops with bolt pistols, power swords and storm shields.

Power Sword

As an aside, I tried out a new painting method for the power shields using metallic paints and artist stippling brushes. I'm quite pleased with the look of energy  'sparkles' erupting on the sword's surface.

The armour is undercoated with a polyurethane black and then the colour built up in layers from dark to bright.

 Assault Troops

Two small units of assault troops equipped with chain swords and pistols, and led by a sergeant provide the 'grunt'. The Blood Angels are up against on the wrong side of the Great Chasm so their units are well below strength.

Fire Support

A fire support team with melta-rifles provide some armour piercing back up. Melta rifles are heavy assault guns so are perfect for a close combat assault army.


Finally, a small unit of motorbike outriders is attached to the army for reccy, and outflanking tactics.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Warcry Catacombs Buildings

 The Warcry Catacombs set is one of the best value boxes currently available from GeeDubya.

Alongside the two warbands, one gets a ton of terrain. These are the buildings included. The smaller scatter terrain is used for Catacomb scenarios while the larger buildings are designed for above ground scenarios.

Of course, this is also very useful Age of Sigmar terrain.

Saturday, 26 December 2020

Indomitus Primaris Blood Angels Characters

 The five Space Marine 'character figures painted as Blood Angels.

Space Marine Captain with Power sword and Lieutenant with volkite pistol.

Chaplain with Crozius and Judiciar with executioner blade and temperomortis engine.

Bladeguard Ancient with Astartes Banner.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Blood Angels Primaris Captain: First Model of a New Army


Way, way, back in the dawn of time I had a Blood Angels Army based around one of the original metal Dreds and a load of the first starter set 40K. They were orange in those days, as I recall.

Finally getting around to opening my new Indomitus set, I was going to just add them to my Ultrasmurf Army. But then I had a radical idea: why not paint an army operating beyond The Great Tear in Space? Blood Angels are the obvious choice, especially as Dante is now Head Honcho of half the galaxy.

I went for a dark look for the captain, especially on the shield. These are dark days, after all. Anyway, I hate the white shields.

I will probably paint the line troops a little more brightly.

More clickable photos below.

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Review: Warcry Catacombs - the gibbets



The amount of scenery in the Catacombs set is stunning and I am slowly working through it. As well as 'boardgame' type scenery for the Catacomb boards, one gets a wodge of above ground Sigma ruins stuff. 

Sigma scenery has been a bit yuk in the past requiring copious amount of filler but this went together fine and looks terrific with loads of detail.

More, much more, to come.