Saturday 29 May 2021

Gal Vorbak, Word Bearers Daemonhosts

 The most deadly close combat troops in the Word Bearers are those acting as a daemonhost, the possessed.

On the table, this model uses the Greater Possessed data sheet from the Chaos Space Marine Codex.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Making Your Own Contrast Paints In Slaanesh Colours

I wanted to paint this Slaaneshi daemon steed in bright pastel colours, turquoise and pink. I wanted to use contrast paints for a quick, decent looking job on a model surface well suited with scales, hair and ribs. Unfortunately, contrast paints don't exist in these colours but fear not because one can make one's own.

You need just three ingredients:

The first is a matt acrylic medium. I used Liquitex but the brand is not important. Acrylic medium looks and rather behaves like PVA 'white' glue. As an aside, it is very good for sticking printed material to models as it tends not to cause the print to 'run'.

Matt acrylic medium is goopy so after putting some in your mixing palette you need to dilute it down - and this is where an acrylic Flow Improver comes in. Add flow improver and stir until the mixture is properly runny to Contrast paint levels. Again, any brand will do.

Step three is to add pigment, in this case from Vallejo acrylic paints. Do not add too much. Put a bit in and stir well and repeat until there is a nice runny contrast paint.

And that's it.

The model above was painted using just these methods. The flow improver causes the paint to dry slowly so one can mix enough to paint a whole unit in one go.

Friday 14 May 2021

Word Bearers Lord Discordant

 Lord Discordant mounted on A Helstalker Daemon Engine

This is fundamentally the same paint scheme as the Word Bearer Lord 'I made earlier'.

The base is painted with Green Stuff World Colorshift paint. This is an iridescent paint depending on fine structure to bounce varying wavelengths of light in different directions - in this case red-green.

The effect is of a warp energy field with different shades of colour depending on light source direction and angle of observation. It doesn't really come over in static photos.

Note the difference in colour from paint in shadow and direct light.

Monday 3 May 2021

Word Bearers Champion

Bad Attitude

This is one of those excess leader models from boxed sets that are all over EBay for modest sums.

I picked this one up and decided to try out a Word Bearer paint scheme.

Rear View

I wanted to give him a dirty, kicked 'round the galaxy a bit, look. I see the Word Bearers as not very style conscious - not committed to any God of the warp and such.

I used Red Goblin Colorshift paint from Green Stuff World on the base as it gives the impression of dark warp energy swirling around the Word Bearers feet.

A Dose Of Plasma Solves Most Issues

I quite like the colour scheme and may paint a few more....just for the fun of it.

And It's Goodbye From Him