Thursday 23 July 2020

Creations of Fabius Bile: Slaaneshi Cult

Cult Of The Iridescent Wings

The final unit to add to my 'Creations of Fabius Bile' Warband is a Slaaneshi Cult of The Iridescent Wings - a group of radical avant garde artists who have gone just a leetle too far in their love of bright new abstract art to sweep away the fuddy-duddy Imperial Realism style.

I play these just as ordinary cultists from the Chaos Marine Codex.

Yes, they look the part of elite troops, being fabulously wealthy from selling their art to decadent aristos and so able to afford the finest black market weapons BUT they are artists, for Emperor's sake, not Imperial Guard or even a Hive Gang.

Cult Leader

The Supreme Creative, as the Cult Leader is grandly named carries an electrified staff of authority (brutal combat weapon) and an autopistol.

Long Weapon

Any model armed with a long barrelled weapon is deemed to be armed with an autogun.

Note the iridescent sheen on his greatcoat.


Models with pistol(s) are deemed to have an autopistol and brutal assault weapon.


The hand-flamer is treated as a 'flamer' for the purposes of game play.

It spews out iridescent purple flames in honour of Slannesh.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Emperor's Children Venom Crawler

Poised To Strike

Another unit for my 12th Company Emperor's children allied with Fabius Bile.

Side view showing the cannon.

Colour blending was done using a stippling technique.

My Fabius base models are decorated with dried mud and the odd bush and desert flower.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Fabius Bile: Savona, Commander 12th Co., Emperor's Children

Savona - New Weapon

Savona is one of the two characters who survived the disaster of Fabius' last battle with the Thirteen Scars as described in Josh Renolds last book for Black Library.

To quote the Lexicanum:

'Born to the family to the Imperial Governor on an Agri-World... she  began her career in the Legion as one of their Serfs, but that changed when she was gifted with semi-sentient Daemonic battleplate from her master Kasperos Telmar. ... By M34 she was ranked 2nd in the Joybound, the elite guard of Telmar's warband....After The Shattering and Telmar's death, Savona joined Fabius Bile's Consortium warband. ... Following the events on Solemnace Savona was placed in charge of the remainder of the 12th'

Somewhere in the years between the final battle and Time Now, Savona has acquired a new weapon, a boltgun with a built in chain-saw.

The model is from HeresyLab: they make very nicely detailed resin models at reasonable prices - worth a look.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Brazen Beast Warband: Obliterators

Obliterators Attack

The final addition to my Brazen Beast Renegade Warband are a couple of fine Obliterators. The melding of machine and daemonic virus fits the Brazen Beast theme well.

On Their Way

Monday 13 July 2020

Fabius Bile: Saqqara Ur-Damak Thresh plus Greater Possessed

Saqqara Ur-Damak Thresh plus Greater Possessed

Saqqara Ur-Damak Thresh of the Word bearers was a diabolist who led an assassination squad, Fabulous Bill being the target.

The only survivor, Saqqara was forced into joining The Consortium of Fabius by poison bombs inserted in his body.

Saqqara disarmed these but identified with Bile being one of the few who stayed with the Apothecary through the battle with the Dark Eldar.

Following, Bile's escape from the Death Guard, Saqqara rejoined the mad doc's new warband as the resident diabolist,

On another note, I think I am getting better at this stippling lark but I definitely need a more suitable brush. One is on order.

Friday 10 July 2020

Fabius Bile's Creations

Fabulous Bill With Escort

Having finished Fabby Vile and his Little Friend I have set about creating a small warband with which he can smite his foes, a force of Renegade Marines that have turned to Slaanesh - cue maniacal laughter.

Slaaneshi Chaos Marines

First up is a straightforward Chaos Marine squad in the colours of the Dark Prince. It's a fire support team with an autocannon.

Noise Marines

My second unit is a squad of Noise Marines with a kitbashed sonic weapon. One can't get sonic weapon parts at the moment - there's a war on, you know.

Sonic Weapon

The sonic weapon started life as a plasma gun with various bits added to suggest a loudspeaker of the sort one finds on poles at outdoor events.


The business end with targeting lens etc.

Stippling 1

I experimented with a stippling dry brush method to create wild, clashing colour blends suitable for followers of The God of Excess. I didn't really have a suitable brush and made a few missteps.

Stippling 2

I think I started to get better towards the end.

Golden Weapons

Golden weapons, what else for the Prince of Luxury?

Monday 6 July 2020

My Aeronautica Imperialis Collection

Tau Air Caste

The Tau planes are the real gems of the second starter set with sleek beautiful lines.

I assembled them with a variety of weapons purely for modelling purposes: WYSIWIG isn't really an issue at this scale.

I used a grey contrast paint laid on fairly generously so it pooled in the middle of flat surfaces giving a mottled camo  appearance, rather like that used on  modern US Navy aircraft.

Imperial Navy Lightnings

I must admit the Voss pattern Lightnings do look quite neat when painted. I had a bit of a downer on these when I opened the box but, okay, maybe I was a bit harsh.

Imperial Navy Ground Support Wing

The Marauder straffers and Valkyrie 'mud movers' are camo'd for flying low over the desert. The Lightnings are more dual purpose ground-strike and ground-strike escort so I gave them a more multipurpose biscuit-coloured camo.

Imperial Navy Strategic Wing

These are my high altitude strike force of Marauder bombers and Thunderbolt air superiority escorts. I envisage them dropping from spacecraft in low orbit to penetrate deep into enemy territory to hit strategic targets.

Da Orky Flyboyz

My homage to Deff Squadron, da Orkiest, shootiest flyboyz in da whole galaxy. They use an eclectic mix of single seater and two seater shooty planes and a giant heavy boma.

And that's all folks, until the next set of releases.