Sunday 24 January 2021

Ultrasmurf Army


This army isn't new but I had just given it a very basic paint job to get it on the table for 8th edition. As I now have time on my hands, sigh, I decided to tart them up a bit.

I wanted to give my Ultramarines a completely different feel to the Blood Angels as they are based on the 'safe' side of the Great Rift. Their armour and vehicles are clean, well maintained, waxed and polished....and in general they are better equipped. This is a mechanised detachment rather than an infantry raiding force.

1. HQ characters, Captain (5 points), three Lieutenants, one a Reiver (at 4 points each), and a Librarian converted from spare Primaris model (5 points).

2. Battleline Repulsor IFV (16 points) and two five-man Intercessor Squads (at 5 points each).

7. Battleline Tactical Squad of Old-Style Marines (10 points).

3. Heavy Fire Support Hell Blaster Squad (5 points).

4. Fast Attack Inceptor Squad (6 points).

5. Elite Reiver Squad (5 points) and Primaris Ancient (4 points).

6. Elite Scout Sniper Squad (4 points).

8. Contemptor Dreadnought (8 points).

9. CAS Stormtalon Gunship (9 points).

10. CAP Stormhawk Interceptor (10 points).

If I fielded the lot, the army comes to 112 points.

Monday 18 January 2021

Indomitus Blood Angels Elite Close Combat Army

 HQ Units

I chose to paint my Indomitus Primaris marines as Blood Angels to represent the armies of the Imperium Nihilis. The models in the box let me assemble an elite, close combat, strike army - for which Blood Angels are perfect.

There are three HQ units: a Captain (centre), Lieutenant (right), and a chaplain (left). For a small army this is a heavy HQ loading.


In keeping with its elite status we have two elite characters: a Judiciar (left, a sort of champion with time-slow device), Bladeguard 'Ancient' carrying a Chapter Standard, and a Bladeguard Veteran Squad led by a sergeant (black shield).

These are all close quarter troops with bolt pistols, power swords and storm shields.

Power Sword

As an aside, I tried out a new painting method for the power shields using metallic paints and artist stippling brushes. I'm quite pleased with the look of energy  'sparkles' erupting on the sword's surface.

The armour is undercoated with a polyurethane black and then the colour built up in layers from dark to bright.

 Assault Troops

Two small units of assault troops equipped with chain swords and pistols, and led by a sergeant provide the 'grunt'. The Blood Angels are up against on the wrong side of the Great Chasm so their units are well below strength.

Fire Support

A fire support team with melta-rifles provide some armour piercing back up. Melta rifles are heavy assault guns so are perfect for a close combat assault army.


Finally, a small unit of motorbike outriders is attached to the army for reccy, and outflanking tactics.