Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Camels Are Coming

Regular readers of this blog, i.e. my daughters and son in law (he likes a laugh) will have noted that I have taken on my friend Shaun Murphy on a number of occasions at Wings of War - and have had my clock-cleaned each time. I therefore challenged Shaun to a grudge match. This time my gallant lads of the Royal Flying Corps would triumph. This time it would be different. I chose two Camels, arguably the best British scout, and supported them by a Tripehound. Shaun ga;llantly opposed me with a couple of Roland two seaters and a single scout, albeit the exceptional Fokker DVII.

I charged straight in with the Camels to use concentrated fire on a single Roland, while sending the manoeurable but fragile Tripehand out to the wing.

The plan worked perfectly. I shot up the Roland, split the camels and came back in with another round of fire from both scouts, shooting the poor Hun to shreds. The two seater fired back once with his pathetic little gun - and hit one of the Camels in the fuel tank causing it to explode in flames. A perfectly clean, two gunned Camel just burst into flames from a popgun. The Roland required four Camel bursts!!!

I was really up against it now. The Triplane came in on the surviving Roland's tail and got set on fire bya pathetic little burst from the two-seater's rear gun. The fire spread and the Triplane rolled over and crashed. The sole remaining Camel's guns jammed. It disengaged and ran for home.

Would anyone like to buy a Wings of War set - going cheap.


  1. Don't give up, your country needs you.

    don't let the simple mechanics and fun of this game fool you, it's still a wargame.

    I blame the Belgian markings, paint up a matching flight of camels, name them all, write a little back story, and your luck will change.

    ( I hope )

    I have started some repaints and I am enjoying it.

    Also, as far as I know, we are not related, and I quite regularly enjoy your blog. We have traced our family back to the Mayflower, and there have been claims going back to king Richard, so you never know.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Dear John
    I will certainly not give up. One day I will win - glazed look of meglamania come over face.
    I follow your blog as well.
    My family name comes from Devon (Wessex) - we gave our name to a creek and ranch in Texas.
    best wishes

  3. Its a great game and looks like you have some fun! Beware the Hun in the Sun!

  4. Dear Tas
    Wings of war really is a fun game,

  5. Ive found that the Hun planes simply out class and out gun the Allied planes 99% of the time. I was playing a little last week against a Roland two seater and found its firing arc to be a nightmare. You have to risk the machine gun to get in close. Kill the rear gunner though and it becomes a poor mans slow boat!

    Shame i dont get to play it more....

  6. Dear Zed
    The poor old RFC, really are up against it. Course, it would help if the had a competent general :)

  7. John, have you done anything with thise since May?