Monday, 24 May 2010

The Dread Mob

The gem in the new Forge World book (Imperial Armour 8, Raid on Kastorel-Novum, Review to follow) is the Ork Dread Mob Codex.I have a half finished Orky army so I shuffled it around a bit to put together a small 1,350 point Dread Mob, Brazza's Quick Reaction Mob. The Theme of this army is mobility.

My first choice is the HQ - Brazza Big Mek, with a Kustom Mega Blasta, 'Eavy Armour and a couple of grot oilers. [I could alsdo have taken a Painboss or a Kustom Meka Dread as HQ choices).
Cost 65 pts.

Brazza has a Mekboy Junka as his dedicated transport. It is kustomised wiv a Big Zappa in a turret.
Cost 105 pts. [The Big Zappa can be upgraded to a Shokk Attack Gun for +70pts].

A small Loota Mob travels wiv da Boss, so he can keep an eye on the thieving gitz. Consists of two Death Skulls wiv da Deff Guns and three Meks wiv Rokkits and Big shoota.
This is my only Heavy Support choice (alternatives include: Mega Dread, Looted Wagon, Lifta Wagon, and Big Track
Cost: 85pts.

Brazza has a small Deff Dread Mob of one dread. (Troop Choice).
Cost 100pts.

Fizzogs Spanna Boyz come along for the ride with a Scrap Trukk (dedicated transport). Fizzog is a Mek wiv a Kustom Mega Blasta.
Cost: 157pts.

Cutta's Spanna Boyz as to yomp it, cuz some thieving Death Skull as nicked their Trukk. Cutta is a Mek wiv da Burna.
Cost: 160pts.
[There was also supposed to be a Gretchin Scavenger Mob along as anuuva Troop Choice, but the cowardly wozzaks have run off and hid somewhere]

A small Killa Kan Mob wiv Kustom Blasta, Rokkits, and Grotzooka (Fast Attack).
Cost: 180pts

Five of WreckDoffen's Flyboyz in DeffKoptas added their support after some unsubtle armtwisting from Brazza, who maintains their Fightas (Fast Attack Choice). They have Rokkits and Big Bombz. [Alternative Fast Attack Choices might have included Grot Tanks or a Warkopta].
Cost: 300pts

Other potential Elite Choices include Junkas, Grot Tanks, Burna Boyz, and a Cybork Slasha Mob.
Note: their are no Nobz, 'Ard Boyz, Buggies, or Bikes


  1. Sounds like a really fun army list (both yours and the book in general).

  2. I'm holding out for some of those Grot Tanks.

  3. All the Ork Talk hurt my eyes but I nearly fell off my chair when you mentioned you couldn't find the Gretchin Mob. I have some Gretchin too. Much too fun not to have.

    Love the HQ Transport :)

    Happy Gaming,


  4. Dear Chris and A&C
    I suspect the hiding grots are in the back of the factory making grot tanks, which is why I couldn't find them.

  5. Dear A&C
    Isulta da boyz and you wone 'ave no eyes to be 'urt.

  6. Very funny :)

    I am looking forward to your review of IA 8. I admit I love the idea of grot tanks! Plus the new forgeworld Chapter Master Hero looks great!


  7. good. very good. I have a dread mob army myself