Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Lost and the Damned

I keep a copy of the old Eye of Terror Codex partly for the pretty pics but mostly for the Lost and Damned Codex. This provides a codex for an Imperial population in rebellion during the 13th Black Crusade. The Codex is way out of date and needs some modification for 5th Edition 40K but essentially this just involves using modern equivalents from the current Chaos Marines and Imperial Guard Codices for the earlier units from the old codices.

My Sunday afternoon opponent, Shaun kindly agreed to play me in a 1500 point match.

SCENARIO: During the 13th Black Crusade the Imperial City of Borstal falls under the control of the Arch Heretic, John the Diseased. The inscrutable Eldar Warlock, Shaun, mounts a raid on Borstal to recover 'something'. John the Diseased, advised by two chaos Marines from the Warriors of Mayhem Warband, moves to block Shaun's advance at the Boulevard Imperial.

First my army.

I had two HQ Slots. The first is an Arch Heretic = an Aspiring Sorcerer from the Chaos Codex; he is the guy in the middle with the bad skin.. The second slot was filled by two Chaos Aspiring Champions.

My Elite Choice was a squad of Derek the Damned's big Muty gang upgraded with Chaos firearms.

My first Troop Slot was filled by Leonard's Leaping Muties (cavalry) summoned from the sewers where they had been hunting alligators.

My second was a traitor squad of Faceless Ones, so called because they have hidden their face from the false Emperor.

And my final Troop Choice was a Sniffle of Plague Zombies - so called Imperial Loyalists who had been graced by Grandfather Nurgle.

The Fast Attack choice is filled by Chaos Hounds: Note these are not Khorne Hounds but simply beasts (cavalry)

Finally, I had three Heavy Support Slots filled by Leman Russ battle tanks.

And so to battle.

The tree-huggers got first turn and launched a double envelopment attack. They pinned my cavalry and stunned my tank on my right flank and moved melta armed infantry onto my left.

I shot up his HQs in the centre, killing a few and pinning them. My Leapy Muties got in a long range charge on the melta-eldar and consilidated onto the firepoint behind. The zombies shambled around getting nowhere.

On the right flank I destroyed the Wave Serpent: Unfortunately, the tree-huggars inside all got out OK. Swooping Hawks wiped out my Chaos Hounds, the survivors fleeing from the field.

However, the battle turned on my left flank. The leapy muties wiped out the building garrison and consilidated towards the Eldar HQ building in the centre, supported by the big muties. My tanks blasted the Eldar in the centre, pinning the leaders and destroying a unit armed with heavy anti-tank weapons.

The tree-huggars continued their attack on my right flank. the swooping hawks attacked the zombies, who wiped them out. The winged hero failed to destroy my tank, which was a sitting duck, when his grenade failed to go off (those damned 1 die rolls).

We treated the grenade failure as an omen and the Eldar called it a day, fading away.

Another victory for the forces of evil (cue Vincent Price to laugh).


  1. Good battle report and a really nice Lost and the Damned force. You must draw those tree huggers into the royal gardens and the sweet embrace of the Slaanesh section.

  2. It is good. It provides for the muties and degenerate scum types that one associates with LatD. And I have twenty of those delightful chaos hounds that'll need paint up at some point. Hurrah for LatD !

    And Hurrah for the Ulthwe options as well, some of them are useful. And they all make for a characterful if hard to use army.

  3. Ugh, I had toyed with the idea of doing a L&D army many years after the codex's expiration date, but eventually shelved it. And here you are making me re-think it! Great looking army you've got here, and it's everything a proper L&D army *should* be; fun and flavorful.

  4. Dear Pagumb
    Hug a Slaaneshi Tree, what an ace idea.

  5. dear ZZZ
    I love renegades because you can really let your imagination rip - and use all those models that you have lying around.

  6. Dear Gyro
    All you need is the right attitude - barking mad is good.

  7. I'm going to do it. I've got a post queued up talking about it (and blaming you) is it cool if I post a pic of your army here?

  8. Dear Gyro
    Sure, Use any pics you like.

  9. Excellent. LatD was indeed my favorite 40K army list.

  10. That was a very enjoyable battle report, John. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love Lost and the Damned armies... hooray for mutants! I thought they were great for both modeling and gaming and was therefore sad to see them become antiquated so quickly. I really like seeing them revived on your tabletop, especially considering how fantastic your army is. What miniatures are those which make up your squad of Faceless Ones? Very cool, indeed!

  11. Dear Papa
    They are from Pig Iron, who also do a nice line in heads that fit GW models. You can find Pig Iron on my side-bar on the right.