Friday, 25 June 2010

Tally Ho, Chaps!

OK, I have been playing with Paint Shop Pro, again.

A Thunderbolt flies through heavy flak to unload on target. The target is a generator suppling an energy shield pylon array; the pylons are just visible on the horizon. Orbital bombardment of the Tau positions can now begin.


  1. HI John.

    nice piece, but do you mind If I offer some suggestions?

    I teach games design and digital 2d art, so one of the things I do a lot is teach people how to use photoshop to create exactly the kind of images you have here.

    If you think I'm being a dick, or you dont want to know, feel free to tell me so :) I sometimes just can't restrain the teacher in me.

    so several things I'd suggest to help with the smooth, authentic read of this image are -

    Defringe. i'm sure psp has one, it just removes the final few white pixels from the edge of your image. if you cant find defringe you can just adjust the mask size down a few pixels, or if you find you're losing too much of the model use a dark brush to paint over some edge shadow. these will help the placed object feel more of the scene. its all about matching the light in the background plate.

    further to that, colour adjustment of each element can help, the "warmth" or colour temperature of the background plate should be reflected in each added object.. additionally distant object take on a blueish cast due to atmosphereic haze.

    last point before people chase me out with torches and pitchforks. shadows. they really help to ground an object. and can be easily made with a mask, grey fill, then distort into place.

    Those few things just help to tie your object in together, as that is the hardest thing with compisiting a matte plate together :)

  2. I really like this image. I don't have defringe, because I do all of my editing in paint (it is totally inadequate, but I know it well), so what I do is enlarge, sample color, and use the spraypaint tool to bloor out those white pixels he's talking about. When you return to regular scaling, it has basically the same effect.

  3. Dear Karitas
    You give me as much advice as you like. All constructive criticism gratefully received bearing in mind that I have the graphic skills of a tortoise.

    I weas one of the pioneer game designers in the 80s (not graphics. I would love to hear more about what you do. Please contact me.

  4. Dear Fett
    I had never heard of defringe but I must explore this. I like doing these pics even if they are v. amateur. :)

  5. "Graphic Skills of a tortoise". Made me smile.

  6. Dear ZZZ
    You have met me - You know it's true.

  7. Smite the evil fishmen! :D