Saturday, 26 June 2010

More Battle Scenes

Drew Lord has taken my amateurish Paint Shop Pro pic-mix and given it the professional treatment - see above. It's very good.

Above is my reworking of my pic.

And above has had depth of field distortion and motion blur added.

And with the contrast turned down to give the impression that the plasma explosion is overloading the camera and shadows added. Ok, it's not as good as Drews - an ill favoured thing but my own.

I have taken Drew's interpretation and turned it into the view through a Tau thermal imaging sight - see above.


  1. Those are wicked :)

    I'm particularly fond of the last one, its a trick forge world use often in thier images, lending creedence by using a diagetic camera

    it's also somehting I do to my batrep pictures to hide the fact that half the scenery isnt painted :)

  2. Dear Drew
    Thanks and thanks for the very helpful advice.