Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arkos The Faithless, Alpha Legion

I have an extensive Vraks army and have meant to model the warband of Arkos the Faithless for some time. The Alpha Legion uses operatives and cultists so fits the new Chaos Codex well. Purchasing Dark Vengence finally gave me the spur.

Here is the first model, good 'ole Arkos himself. The Alpha Legion uses basic metallic blue washed with green and trimmed with silver. I have added bright metallic green to give a splash of complimentary colour and given him a matching purple cloak.

The stats for Arkos are given in one of the Vraks books: see below. They are now obsolete but are easily modified. I assume that the S+2 from the dark sword are already included in the stats line as he has a Strength of 6, the same as a daemon prince. Eight would be ridiculous. The DV model has a plasma pistol instead of a combi melta but that's OK. No doubt Arkos had access to various weapons.

Next up an Alpha Legion Dark Apostle.

 Edit: Addition

New Arkos Rules
Arkos the Faithless, Scion of Alpharius (IA7: The Siege of Vraks – Part Three, p199)..............................................................................170 points
Arkos 6 5 4 5 3 5 4 10 3+ (5+)
Unit Composition
• 1 (Unique)
Unit Type
• Infantry (Character)
• Power armour
• Combi-melta
• Dark blade
• Frag grenades
• Krak grenades
Special Rules
• Independent Character
• Daemonic
• Son of Alpharius
• Warlord
• Counter Attack
Warlord: If Arkos the Faithless is your army’s Warlord then he does not roll on the Warlord Traits table, but instead receives the following unique trait:
Devious Tactician: A player using Arkos the Faithless as his Warlord may re-roll the dice when determining which player will select a table half to deploy in and when attempting to Seize the Initiative.
Son of Alpharius: Any squad joined by Arkos gains the Counter-attack special rule. If Arkos leaves the squad or is removed as a casualty then he no longer provides them this benefit.
Dark blade: The Dark blade is a power sword that adds +2 to its wielder’s Strength score.
Arkos the Faithless is a HQ choice for a Codex: Chaos Space Marine army or Renegades and Heretics army.


  1. They've updated Arkos' rules here:

  2. Thank you RO
    Have added the stats above.

  3. hilarious, reroll for table ends. If you follow the instructions in the book, you don't need to roll for table ends as the table is empty at that point since terrain hasn't been placed yet.

    Would be nice if Forgeworld occasionally played 40K...

    Think I'll be sticking to Huron as my counts as Alpha Legion HQ, more useful Warlord trait and easy to convert him from the lightning claw Chosen.

  4. Nice work! I always liked Alpha Legion.

    1. Dear Styx
      Yah, I like the infiltration and destroy fluff. Great for colourful cultist scenarios.

  5. Nice work John. I never really like the background of the Alpha Legion much however after reading some the Horus Heresy novels its changed my opinion somewhat. Look forward to seeing more of this army.

    1. Dear Simon
      The Legion is good for more balanced armies than the bonecrusher all chaos marine stuff. Good for scenario and narrative play.

  6. Alpha Legion rules state no special characters except how Huron?