Thursday, 24 January 2013

Curse you Games Workshop

For those that like a laugh, my Illuminati 'veering towards Slaneesh because he's the devil with the best tunes' Chaos Warband is on show in the window of the Bluewater Shop. I post the warlord here to show the colour scheme.

Of course this meant entering the Dreadful Place and I was twenty Quid down and clutching a box of Raptors when my wife marched me out.

Still I treated her to lunch at Harry Ramsdens so marital bliss was restored.

The stall next door to HRs in the fast food hall was attempting to sell Indian street food. A couple of British Indian girls looked at it suspiciously before joining the queue at KFC.

The only customer I saw there while I was waiting for my fish to cook was an English Lady-Who-Lunches clutching a Guardian. 

Funny old place, Southern England.


  1. Will the raptors be joining the ill humaniti or the Alfa Romeo Leigion ?

    ps. Well done restoring marital bliss with fish and chips, it usually costs me a trip to the west end.

    1. The products of Fiat.

      The West End option has been utilised when necessary in chez Lambshead.