Thursday, 10 January 2013

Fantasy Flight have some new models coming for Dust tactics. They look eminently suitable for any Weird WWII. First up is the Horton Jump Jet and below a walker Hanomag. Available in the UK from Wayland Games, from where I got these photos.


  1. I had some Dust stuff on order from Wayland for months and months. In the end they gave up waiting and refunded my money.

    This stuff all looks great, but I expect that there are still availablity issues.

  2. Dear Zzzz
    Ah, not much use announcing new products if one can't buy them.

  3. There's another load of stuff up on TTF now. It'll be ages before it hits Wayland Games and then even longer before it gets delivered. I've had a couple of bits on my WG wish list for way over six months and they are still out of stock.

    1. I shall probably wait until one turns up at my FLGS and I can actually have it in my mitt when I hand over the cash.