Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bolt Action: German Czech Tanks

The Germans relied heavily on Czech tanks at the start of the war. The Czech are one of the great engineering nations of Europe. The (t) 38 in particular was a decent light tank in 1940 that could function as a medium.

This is a platoon of Warlord Games resin models. The centre tank is kitbashed, a (t)35 turret fitted to a (t) 38 hull. By the Russian campaign of '41, the Germans were horribly short of spares so I thought this type of mash up might have happened - :)

The (t) 38 hull soldiered on as an SPG of various types for the rest of the war. The (t) 35 was less reliable and was retired after Barbarossa.


  1. Nice work! It would be rough to field all those tanks at once unless you had a large scale game. That is the only discouraging thing about the deals, great price but do you need three of most?

  2. They look great John, I do find that really weird about this that you can buy loads of them but the rules only really only handle 1....

  3. Dear Styx and Simon,
    Bolt Action is limited by the number of units. Group the tanks into a squadron and you are in business.