Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bolt Action: Blitzkrieg Armour

A Panzer IVD, Pz 38(T), and a Panzer I, 28 ml resin and metal models from warlord Games, Bolt Action Range.

A Tamiya 1:48 Pz II.

Diecast 1:50 models of the 4-Rad & 8-Rad armoured cars. The heavy is Solido and I think the other may be Corgi.

The Hanomag 251, both Warlord Games 28 mm kits. The one of the left is resin and metal and the one on the right  is the new plastic version with a metal Pak 36 37mm fitted. These were troop commander's vehicles, one per platoon.


  1. Nice Jerry armour there John, now were is me 2pdr

  2. Replies
    1. Hows's Gravesend Ray? Its hot and sticky down here in Medway.

  3. You have done great work with these John. Nice job.

  4. Hi John! Of the two Hanomags I prefer the plastic version, it seems to have a bit more detail to it. Noticing the small differences of design, is one a later evolution of the other? Kind regards, Brian.

    1. The plastic Hanomag is a later sculpt, not sure which models they are based on. The Germans constantly tinkered with things.