Monday, 16 September 2013

Bolt Action: British Detachment Burma '44

   And here we have a British detachment of 758 points to contest the Imperial Japanese for the jungle.

   It includes:
An HQ unit of a 2nd Lieutenant and two men with Sten guns and an FOO with a similar escort. The FOO bears an astonishing similarity to Terry Thomas.
Two infantry detachments of eight men with a Bren LMG including an NCO with a Sten.
Three support units of a Vickers MMG, a Piat team and a medium mortar.
A 6pdr AT Gun with Bren Gun Carrier.
A Stuart MkV tank.

   The models are Warlord, West Wind, Tamiya and I can't remember who supplied Terry.

   Now I need to make a jungle. :)



  1. They look really good. It's very tempting to go from 15mm WWII to 28mm with all this type of Bolt Action goodness.

    1. I find 15mm too finicky to paint these days. I do use 20mm but no smaller.