Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bolt Action: Japanese Detachment

I had a parade of my Warlord Games Japanese troops. This was inspired because I bought a copy of the Japanese Army Lists from a small model shop I discovered on the front in Margate. I have a policy of supporting small shops even if it costs me a little more.

When I laid out the metal and resin army, I found I had a small but perfectly750 point '44 Burma Regular force - well 740 to be exact.

So we have a an HQ unit consisting of a 2nd Lieutenant, an artillery FOO and four men, one with an LMG.

Two understrength IJA infantry units of nine and ten men with LMGs and anti-tank grenades.

Three support heavy weapon teams of an MMG, light mortar, and 70mm light howitzer.

And finally, a Chi-Ha medium tank. Calling this pile of junk a medium tank is being generous.

I am very tempted by some of the new releases. The plastic infantry box will give me another platoon plus an anti-tank suicide section. A Ha Go light tank and a medium mortar will add some punch.