Saturday, 7 September 2013

For PanzerKaput: Bolt Action 2pdr.

This is the Warlord Games 28 ml Bolt Action 2pdr which I built for Panzerkaput so he can make sure those Panzers are, er, kaput. The 2pdr was a serious bit o'kit in 1940 capable of taking out any Axis armour. The rotatable base is a typical piece of peacetime over-engineering although it did make the weapon easy to mount on a lorry.

This is not an easy kit to assemble. You need to have a good look at pics of the completed model on the Warlord website and try fitting everything together before gluing. I found Kicker super-glue accelerator vital.

The end result is worth it though.


  1. Lovely gun there John and now the BEF have a kit bit of kit to pound those Jerry tanks. There is something about early equipment that is so much nicer than late war even if they are rubbish compared to them

    1. I know what you mean. The early stuff has a kinda baroque steampunkiness. '44 gear by comparison are stripped down killing machines.

      It's like comparing an Elizabethan galleon with a Napoleonic battleship. The latter is the better designed war machine but the former has style.

    2. Thats it, there is no style to the late war equipment it is purposeful and simple but lacks the love the pre war equipment had

    3. Love, that is a good word for this era's engineering. All Hercule Poirot.