Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Great Military Disasters - The Liche King in Kings of War

Last week I actually managed to get a game in - my first proper game of Kings of War II against Joe's dwarfs and earth elementals. We both fielded about 1200 pts.

I fielded a Liche King army. I concentrated the weight of my army onto my right wing, intending to refuse my weaker left. So from left to right, front to back we have: regiment of skeleton spear phalanx, regiment of skeleton warriors, regiment of revenant battle cavalry; and in the second rank a skeleton king, troop of skeleton warriors, troop of revenant skeletons.

My left consisted of a regiment of ghouls, a regiment of zombies, a standard bearer to improve their morale and a skull chucker on a hill.

Joe's earth elementals were painted resin models of the Lewis chessmen. This is such a wonderful idea that I shall just have to steal it.

So I duly shambled up in echelon right and had some initial success taking out a unit of elementals - but look how damage markers are building up on my elite revenant units.

At this point, Joe the drawf warlord, sprung his trap and I was well and truly in the doggy do.

I had allowed my units to become to seperated and set myself up for a flank charge from his chariot reserve. Movement in KoW is more flexible than in many of the games I have played and one doubles flank attacks in Kings of War!

My revenant elite and most of my skeletons died: well they were already dead, of course. In desperation I threw my king and Liche Lord into the fray before checking their stats: it turns out Liche Lords have little melee capability.


The Liche Lord rapidly accumulated battle damage. He was clearly doomed so I resigned.

He will of course be back, when he has reconstituted his body back in the crypt and raised a few undead.

I enjoyed my game immensely and highly recommend the system.

The world of Mantica.


  1. Those Lewis Men chess pieces are lovely!

    1. I think Joe may have started a trend.

  2. It's a great set of rules. I always enjoy playing that game. Cool report and that Chess army is a great idea.

    1. I have been looking up Lewis chessmen on ebay.

  3. Loving the chess men - have to steal the idea, thank you!