Monday 3 May 2021

Word Bearers Champion

Bad Attitude

This is one of those excess leader models from boxed sets that are all over EBay for modest sums.

I picked this one up and decided to try out a Word Bearer paint scheme.

Rear View

I wanted to give him a dirty, kicked 'round the galaxy a bit, look. I see the Word Bearers as not very style conscious - not committed to any God of the warp and such.

I used Red Goblin Colorshift paint from Green Stuff World on the base as it gives the impression of dark warp energy swirling around the Word Bearers feet.

A Dose Of Plasma Solves Most Issues

I quite like the colour scheme and may paint a few more....just for the fun of it.

And It's Goodbye From Him



  1. Great work on the word Bearer John, you certainly achieved a grungy look. Your right about worshipping one god, as they worship all of them, being the religious zealots that they are

  2. Lovely job on this guy! The red armour looks great and the colour shifting paint on the base really works. The Word Bearers were evangelical nutcases during the Great Crusade, and they've switched to spreading heresy with equal zeal.

  3. Great looking Champion, John. I like how the base transitions with the figure.

    1. I think it works, dean, and fits the lore.