Wednesday 24 June 2009

Planet Strike, Bastion, Aegis Line, Skyshield

I spent a happy hour or two putting these together.

The Bastian and Defense Line are very, very good. They are just the right size and have interchangeable turret rings so the Comms Unit, Quad Gun and Lascannon are all interchangeable. As well as the Bastion roof mount you get two turret mounts, a mobile mount and a fixed top of building (or top of Chimera for a Hydra conversion) mount as spares. You need a minimum of two defense line boxes though, one is not enough.

I am less keen on the Landing Platform. It is very large, taking up a great deal of space. The hinges on the side flaps are a pain. I suspect that they will mostly be used in the up position, turning the Pad into a fort. The Pad is just not very sexy. Maybe it will grow on me when I paint it.

I have had time to go through the Planet Strike book. It is a bit like Cities of Death, a straight expansion for 40K. It is really an attacker/defender scenario book. There are few rules to simulate a planetary landing other than those we already have. The main drop zone is still off board. Certainly, more units than in straight 40K can deep strike. The book is heavily dependent om the Apocolaype-like stratagems. I am not a great fan of these. In my opinion , they add pointless complexity. I am glad I bought the book but I confess to being a little disappointed.

So, out of five:
Planet Strike: 3
Bastion: 5
Aegis Line: 4
Landing Pad: 2



  1. That was fast! :) The pictures are great and I'm impressed with the bastion kit. Do you have any pictures of the Landing pad from the side so we can see the legs? Could it be placed face down for variation? (using the legs as an industrial... something?)

  2. Oooh I see a terantula turret base conversion in this one, these kits are great its like playing I spy conversions, so many bitz and bobs with these. Good show in any case, any thoughts on the painting scheme? I am doing olive drab with bolt metal highlights and some graphite weathering round the base when I do mine.



  3. I will put up another pic, reversed tomorrow. I will probably paint them Panzer grey to match my other stuff.

    There are lots of useful bits left over.

  4. Thanks for the reviews, mate - useful pics, too!

    - Drax.

  5. Thanks for the review.
    I wasn't sure if I was going to get any of these. With your review I may be tempted for the Bastion and maybe the defense line, but I'll surely pass on the pad.

  6. Nice review! Does the gun mount fit into the back of a chimera for the quad gun, or will it require some work?

  7. Dear Cybork trucker,

    No, there is no inside in that sense. You could keep each level seperate for storage or building a tall tower with many kits but there is no point otherwise.


  8. Fitting the quad gun to a chimera would need a bit of kitbashing - but not much. You only need to permanently attach a turret ring then you could use the gun interchangably with the other kits (Chimera Comms vehicle, Chimer AA lascannon, etc.