Tuesday, 19 October 2010

SELWG 2010 - More stuff

On the way home, I short circuited the power supply to my sat nav and got caight in the Catford Triangle.

We drove around Lewisham for forty minutes until energy levels changed in the multiverse and I was able to escape through a wormhole to Bromley.

Jim Booth had a stand showing his superb large scale military models.

Look at that Praetorian!


My old friends Frontline Miniatures from Gibralter Farm with their superb range of WWII 20mm. Many places up here on the River Medway have 'imperial' or military names. We have roads called Grant, Crusader, Centurion, Cromwell - anyone spot the link?

Panthers attack the west. A big 1/72 1944 game.

A German headquarters.

In the trenches of WWI. French troops over the top; "attaque a l'outrance!", Jeffre

German troops brace to repel the attack.

Blackadde: Field Marshal Haig is about to make yet another gargantuan effort to move his drinks cabinet six inches closer to Berlin.
General Melchett: Are you looking forward to the big push?
Baldrick: No sir, I'm absolutely terrified.
General Melchett: The healthy humor of the honest Tommy. Don't worry my boy, if you should falter, remember that Captain Darling and I are behind you.
Blackadder: About thirty-five miles behind you.
General Melchett: There is, however, one small problem.
Blackadder: That everyone always gets slaughtered in the first ten seconds?

Another view of the Hall. Is that you, scratching your bum?

Some of my loot.


  1. Nice loot.

    Even better a statement of some kind loitering in the background. Probably want to 'edit' the picture as you likely have enough information there for someone to 'steal'.

    Otherwise I missed Selwyg but the pictures suggest it wasnt as busy as i remember it.

  2. Dear Zed
    I don't think anyone could have got anything off that statement but I have obliterated it anyway. :)

  3. I work in the IT Security business around data protection so im just a little overly cautious ;-)

    Was SELWYG worth the visit this year? i have to say ive not been for 4 or 5 years and did mean to go but forgot (until i saw the blog)

  4. Dear Zed
    Yes, it was good.
    SELWG is my favourite shor.

  5. What's this UM outfit, and how are their kits?

  6. Yeah, I like the loot too!

  7. Looks like it was a good show. Thanks for the reminder about Fontline, I've been contemplating a 1/72 scale WWII project and their stuff looks ideal.

  8. DearSons
    UN are a Ukrainian Kit manufacturer who specialise in 1/72 WWII Soviet kits. They are inexpensive (£6 commonly and quite good).
    Available in most eStores in the UK.

  9. Dear Ethics
    Frontline have some very nice stuff. Nice people to.

  10. Nice pics!

    Those WWI french and german troops are custom made? They look amazing!

    p.s.: Nobody sratching... strange.

  11. Dear Igi
    Don't think so. There are commercial manufacturers of WW1 stuff.

  12. Very nice haul indeed, and some great photos. Great post.