Friday, 5 November 2010

Blowing the Cobwebs Out

I have been busy on the novel this autumn so have had little time for wargaing. I have a deadline of Xmas from the publisher. I knew retirement would be leisurely. Took a ride along the coast yesterday to blow the cobwebs out, having not emerged from the house for three days. We are in the grip of a real Atlantic storm. The temperature is a pleasant 17C but the wind gusts are dramatic. The English Channel is choppy and grey.

The yachts are under wraps for the winter. The wind howls earily through the aluminium masts and the rigging gives off a continuous metal rattle like a million charity collectors.

The tourist shops on the flood barriers are closed for the season. The coast is hunched down and hibernating like a hedgehog waiting for spring.


  1. I always enjoy the photos you post of England, they're far more genuine and personable than the usual 'tourist' promotional shots that are so often seen online.

  2. Thanks Cheef, I try to show the southern england that we actually live in. J