Friday, 18 February 2011

Evil of the Daleks

My friend Shaun set up a Dr Who scenario using modified 40K rules. Welcome to The Evil of the Daleks.

Daleks have invaded the Earth Colony on Perjury and set up a Dalek Manafactorum to create more Daleks. The locals infiltrate a militia and trooper team - a forlorn hope. However, this blue box materialises.....

1. The militia run across the concrete shuttle ground screaming and firing guns loaded with Dalek-piercing duraluminium bullets, supported by a small team of professional troopers in combat armour.
2. Daleks spill from the complex to intercept them.
3. The Doctoooor, Rose, cap'n Jack and Micky emerge from the Tardis. Jack and Micky stop to shoot at...
4. Three Daleks sent to intercept them.

1. The Militia have some success, destroying two Daleks for light losses.
2. The Troopers engage a Dalek with grenades.
3. More Daleks move to exterminate.
4. Jack and Micky keep the Daleks occupied while...
5. the Doctor and Rose sprint for the heart of the complex.

2. The Troopers flee in terror.

1. The Militia are wiped out.
2. Rose and the Doctor are caught by dalek fire. Rose goes down and the Doctor is wounded.

The Doctor reached the control tower and sabotages it with his sonic screwdriver. The Manufactorum blows up and all the Daleks are fried.

Yay for the good guys.

I played the Daleks. That's me above.

Some of Shaun's colection.


  1. Awesome! Good to see those Daleks put in their place once again.

  2. Wow. I missed the mention of 40K rules at the top and got especially excited wondering which system you used. Looks like some seamless tweaking from here and good out-of-the-ordinary fun.

  3. You've never looked better, good batrep and I may have gotten a line on some plastic daleks for myself.

  4. Dear Cyborg
    Don't worry, Rose was only stunned by the charge spray from a Dalek hit on the piping.

  5. Dear Porky
    40K worked staggaringly well; it's a v. flexible system.

  6. Dear Lurker
    And I oly had one glass of beer. You ought to see me after two.

  7. Classic. Nice to see a WH40K (or would that be WHO40K?) game outside the box.

  8. There is no words for this awesome batrep!
    But Designated dalek leader (named John by Capt. Harkness) you really thougt you can beat the Doctor?