Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Fal

I had to make a fast trip down to Cornwall, land of my fathers, to see an unwell relative in the Royal at Truro. While there a took some pics of The Fal, the largest ria on the South Coast of Cornwall that has Truro and Falmouth on its banks. This was a mainly agricultural region when I was a child. My Scout Troop used to camp here. Now it is a sort of dispersed upmarket retirement suburb. The original Treasure Island was filmed here. South Cornwall is almost subtropical. Pineapples can be grown outdoors. The pic shows the Fal at Malpas, Truro.

The King Harry Ferry. This is a chain ferry, also known as a moving bridge.

Looking down the Fal.

Another view of the King Harry.

Restronguet Creek where my father moored his motor cruiser. There is a strong French influence on S, Cornwall. Frenchman's Creek is nearby.

Restronguet. We used to lunch on Cornish scrumpy and pasties bought from the Pandora Inn which was Medieval. Unfortunately, it burnt down recently - thatched roofs do that.

The Fal at Trelissic.

The Fal is used top 'park' resting ships as it is very deep. As the recession bites oil tankers will end up here.


  1. Dear LE
    It is a great place. One of the few bits of Cornwall not wrecked.

  2. Nice place, nice orky green...

  3. Dear Igi
    England's green and pleasant land.