Thursday, 17 November 2011

Imperial Guard - Fire Support

A spotter track an enemy tank for an ATM launch.

This is the army that I have sold. I thought I would take a few picks.

Soulder launched missiles - the infantry's heavy fire support.

A mortor team awaits target instructions.

Spotter checks vox downloaded fire grid reference for targets.

Target aquired, five rounds rapid.

Heavy bolter teams move up to support the infantry line.


  1. Those long shadows and the yellow glare make me miss the british autumn (its bloody freezing here already!)

    ...or is the yellow glare an intentional 'Photoshop' jobbie? To hide the PJ?

    ...or is it just a bad PJ?

    Answers on a postcard to:

  2. Love the bases John You've managed to cram a lot on withou making it look OTT

  3. Great work John! Must say, the Imperial Guard are a favourite of mine - great stuff.

  4. Did you ever use the mortar teams? I hardly find them useful.