Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Plague Lord at the Crossroads

 One of the minor Plague Lords, the one responsible for spreading athlete's foot and bad breath, has been tasked with capturing the crossroads by the refinary complex in the City of Borstal. To this end he summons his (1500pt) warband of two warrior retinues, a dred., a single obliterator, a despoiler, a vindicator and a predator tank killer.

Guarding the crossroads is a detachment of the Fourth Luton Fusileers, dug in with tank support and out of range of the Nurgle weapons.

Lord Halitosis had a cunning plan, which involved running across the highway screaming. As a token gesture to combined arms warfare his vindicator would lead at full speed to try get withing blasting distance supported by the predator.

After clearing out the right hand building the troops will move through the ruined buildings from right to left clearing house.

 A cunning plan which sprung an immediate link bedore sinking with all hands. The vindicator got totalled  and the predator crew were cross eyed.

As usual, the despoiler was shot to pieces immediately.

Displaying his usual fortitude of purpose, Halitosis immediately issued counterorders to charge the left flank instead. The dreadnought went mad and shot up the plague marines with its plasma cannon. This was not going well.

A storm of fire raked the plague marines crossing the highway. The obliterator went phut and the dred's legs jammed. I started taking losses but plague marines are tough, baby. They were just shaking off hits from this rotary-barrelled cannon tank, Admittedly a few bits got shot off as well but hey, mostly nothing serious.

 In deep depression, well it's an illness innit, Halitosis was tempted to retreat but the nearest cover was now on the far side so he pressed on. When the marines got stuck into the Imperials it was good night Irene. the tanks fell to melta guns and bombs.

At this point the Fusileers elected to retreat rather than get massacred in close combat as the marines chewed down the flank rolling up thier position..

But by Nurgle the guardsmen had inflicted some losses.

Halitosis kept thinking of a Khornite called Pyhrus - but that is another story.


  1. I laughed.

    Oh, I like the arrows, btw.

    (Arrows ? Where were the Indians ? badom tish!)

  2. Dear Zzzz

    Tonto is the one under the blue flag.