Saturday, 16 June 2012

Scotney Castle, Kent

  A few random pics from Scotney Castle in Kent.


  1. That looks pretty!

    My least favourite castle in the world is Leeds Castle in Kent.

    Here's why:

    1) It's not a proper castle - just a poncey posh house = booooring!
    2) It costs a wretched fortune to encounter the disappointment noted in (1) above;
    3) There seems to be (or was) a bloody PUBLIC FOOTPATH going into the grounds a few hundred yards from the entrance, thus negating the need to pay the fortune noted in (2) in order to encounter the disappointment;
    4) It has (or had) a museum of dog collars. Really? Dog collars?
    5) It's nowhere near Leeds;
    6) I got lost in the hedge maze there.

    I'm not bitter.

  2. What a remarkable looking place!

  3. Great pics - shame I missed that one when I lived there!

    Admiral Dax: my experience was identical to yours...

  4. Beautiful, that third picture of the small building looks like its straight out of Lord of the Rings; very 'elvish' in style and appearance, plus the setting.

  5. Dear Admiral
    I rather liked the dog collar museum. Leeds has somewhat gone down hill lately.

    My eight year old daughter got me out of the maze when I got lost.

  6. Dear Ethics
    It is amazingly photogenic.

  7. Dear cott
    Yes, that's the boathouse for the punt to service the moat.