Monday, 10 September 2012

Roderick Spode's Air Force: The Flying Blackshorts

Spode, King Edward VIII's Prime Minister, has 'acquired' some Heinkel He 51bs for his chaps. Surplus to the Condor Legion in Spain where they proved no match for Soviet fighters, they have been transferred to the Blackshorts Legion and are flown by RAF deserters who have passed the Scientific Firm British Knee Test.

It mainly faced the Hawker Fury's of the St Augustine Brigade.

He 51, Speed 205mph, range 354 miles, ceiling 25,256 ft, wing loading 14.3 lb/sq ft, armament 2 7.92mm Mgs - 6 22lb bombs.

Fury, Speed 223mph, range 270 miles, ceiling 29,500 ft, wing loading 14.4 lb/sq ft, armament 2 0.303 Mgs - light bomb racks.

The Fury is faster and slightly less manoeuvrable with a higher ceiling. Otherwise they are a close match.


  1. I hate to say it (due to political leanings!) but it really is rather smart..damn those fascist designers!


  2. Dear maverick
    Unfortunately the Devil has all the best tunes - and colour schemes.