Friday, 5 April 2013

Dark Eldar

I have decided to build a new Dark Eldar army and this is as far as I've got.

Being a cheapskate son of a bitch, I am working to a budget. So my only new purchases are the codex and the warlord. Everything else is second hand.

DE were the 'Game Army' in the late 80s so there a great deal of material around. Expect to pick up warriors for about 25p each, many still on the sprue. Metal figures will cost in the region of a Pound.

For a colour sceme I decided to avoid the dark colours in favur of high gloss metallic. I used purple/ dark blue metallic layers to give a discordant menacing look.

Bases are drab to show off the figs are ane painted with Tamiya Pavement Effect paint. This gives a subtle thick matt surface.

I have 20 more warriors,  five more jetbikes  (at £3.25 each) to paint and base and a modern box of kabalite warriors to use as elite trueborn. I will add modern witches as I vastly prefer them to the old models. That should make a nice little raiding force.

Modern stuff new will cost about £65
Old second hand stuff off eBay (most of it) about £40

So a new army for under the ton.


  1. Good work John ;) I'm dabbling with some 40K stuff for skirmish games. I've inherited around 30 Orks of various types along with 3 flying choppers, still on the sprues. I will field them against 20 or so Cadians using my rules, either 5150 or even rehashed Chain Reaction, as they are pretty much the only system I play now.

    1. Snap Monty, I have plans for a new set of Space Opera skirmish rules.

  2. These look quite good!
    I have 20 of the buggers myself and am now kicking myself that I gave away the rest all those years ago. And then you post this? Rub it in, why don't ya? :-P
    Nice work! Truly a force to be feared, even on a budget...

    1. I gave all mine away as well but they are cheap and plentiful on eBay.

  3. Looking good john.

    Love a bit of ebay reclamation myself!

    (best recent one was 16 plastic rogue trader guardsmen for less than a fiver posted for my tyrants legions auxillaries)

    Its always nice to end up with a playable force for a third of what gw want you to pay!

  4. John, Do you still have my eddress ? Send me a blank message, please; I have some stuff which may interest you.

    1. Sent you email Stewart. Very curious to hear what you have.