Thursday, 1 August 2013

Space Opera Robots

These Space Opera Robots are from Hydra Miniatures Retro Rayguns range, available in the UK from Wargames Emporium.

They were sprayed with white undercoat, then silver and finally brass. Oil leaks around the joints are Citadel dark brown wash..

The bases are Tamiya grey textured paint, Citadel snow, and little chips of chalk stone to look like the China Clay pits at St Austel, or the Moon as you prefer.

The blue ray gun projectors are Cote d'Armes metallic blue (ex-Citadel).


  1. Nice! I really dig both the models and the paint job. Awesome work, mate!

  2. did they have smaller robots too?

    pretty sure I have played Blood Bowl against a guy using the huge guy as a Kroxigor and the little guys as Skinks for a stunty team.

    yep, for sure - the minibots

    1. Yes they have little robots and hover bots and some other things.