Friday, 13 September 2013

Bolt Action: German 105mm Howitzer

   I thought my loyal readers, there must be some, might like to see the German 105mm Howitzer that wreaked such havoc at Arras.

   In the early war years it was the 105, with the 88 Flak, that was the only defence against the heavy Allied armour like the Matilda, Char B or KV

   This is the Warlord Games model from their Bolt Action range. This is an awesome metal kit. You get the gun, five crew and two ammunition sets. The detail is quite amazing. Too much for me, if truth be told. A good modeller will find this kit fantastic but if you are Johnny Two-Thumbs like me it is a bit of a challenge. I never did get the shield quite right. Mind you the finished article is well good.

  I sourced the base from from Renadra plastics.

Sorry for the poor pics. Rotten weather here so had to use a flash.


  1. Nice one John - I have a couple of these myself and they are indeed nice kits (although I must have got mine earlier as I had to buy the crew figures separately).

    1. I checked the website Al. Currently they offer four crew with the kit, possibly because four is the crew number in Bolt Action for this gun.

    2. That would probably be right given their current approach to packaging figures. When I bought mine (which was some time ago) the gun was either available on its own or with two crew (I can't remember which) so I've got two crew each anyway...

    3. I guess it makes sense as the models are designed for Bolt Action.