Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Bolt Action Plastic Japanese Infantry

I ought a box of the new plastic range of Bolt Action infantry a few weeks ago to create a second platoon for my Imperial Japanese Army and to get hold of some suicide anti-tank men: nutters with exploding pikes.

The back of the box gives a taste of the contents and you get the paper banners as shown bottom left.

 This (not very clear - sorry) pic shows one of the enclosed sprues and bases. The figures can be assembled in a variety of ways to give a rich diversity. This is one of the great advantages of plastic models.

A rather better pic showing the inserts . Have a look at the descriptions on the right. They give a flavour of the variation.

Just one of the assembled and painted troopers. I mixed together a left 'holding arm', a bayonet, a head with cap, a right hand with grenade, and a separate rifle with strap (put it on before putting the guy's arms on: I didn't and had to disassemble). 

Poses are dynamic and the detail is crisp. I got a good result with some basic watered-down colour over a white primer finishing with a slosh of yellow-brown wash.

When it stops raining, if it stops raining, I will photograph the whole finished army.


  1. Love 'em; nothing like a few Japs to brace you up, a bit!

  2. Nice! A friend of mine loves the kit also, the arm matching is so much better than the earlier kits.

    1. Yes, everything fits on these figures.