Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bolt Action: Samochód Pancerny wzór 29 - Ursus Heavy Armoured Car

Another wonderful vehicle from the interwar/Blitkrieg era from Warlord Games.

The Ursus was not a great success. It was decently armed with a French low velocity 37mm gun and no less than three machine guns - two in the one man turret with the cannon and one in the rear hull. The armour was okay for the time, making it heavy.

The trouble was the chassis was a standard lorry two wheel drive so it was hopeless off road. Around a dozen were made and eleven fought with the 11th armoured battalion.


  1. Great looking mini. I love inter-war armored cars and tanks. Some are clearly precursors of better tanks and vehicles, others seem really slapdash or poorly engineered. It's a very interesting period because it seemed like any idea could get made.

    1. I find this period visually appealing.but also very good for wargaming.