Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My X-Wing Ships

Two X-Wings escort a Rebel Transport.

I am very taken with FFG X-wing range of ships. They are not exactly cheap but they are very high quality. Shop around, there are discounts to be had especially on unpopular ranges.

A A-Wing escorts a Rebel armed shuttle.

Here come the lads.

Queue sinister music.

A Tie Phantom leads two Tie Fighters followed by a Tie Bomber

Apparently a Spaceship game is acoming - but can I afford it?


  1. Lovely!

    I was able to mess around a bit with Armada at GenCon, looks very neat but I fear it doesn't seem to have quite the depth and tactics as X-wing does. That's not to say it wasn't a blast though - I did thoroughly enjoy it!

    1. I doubt I can afford to play Armada. The starter set is likely to be around 100 quid.

  2. I think it is $100, so a more affordable 60 pounds in funny money. The real question is how much the expansions are going to be, since you won't get far with just the starter. I'm very hopeful that Armada will be as much fun as X-Wing.

    1. $100 = £100 unfortunately by the time it is imported and subject to VAT. :(