Tuesday, 20 January 2015

IHMN Warhammer Venus Swamp Beast with Sun-God Cannon

Another Warhammer skink model for my Venusian native newt army.

This one is another semi-domesticated beast  with a giant god crystal capable of firing beams of stored sunlight that can fry a steam tank.

It's pretty good at close combat as well.


  1. That partially explains how the natives can stand up to modern tanks :)

  2. Dear John,

    Gosh! The Fiend from the original Jack Gaughan interiors to The Dragon Master!

    And to Mr Weimer--I have personal experience with natives in a jungle standing up to modern(ish) tanks. The big trick is bringing them to battle, but even when you do it isn't as one-sided as I might've wished.

    As always,

    1. David Drake fought in the Blackhorse Armoured Cavalry in the Vietnam War so has firm opinions on how safe you are in an AFV - not so much as you might think.

  3. Lovely work, John. Nice colors on a wonderful figure.