Saturday, 6 June 2015

Johannes The Putrid and his Undead OldHammer Cavaliers

Johannes The Putrid

May I introduce you to my Undead Hero Johannes of the noble line of Auld'Ammer, although the family now deny it.

He is a classic Old Hammer GW metal model on one of their plastic skeleton steeds and comes with a magical sword.

Standard Bearer

His standard bearer is kitbashed from all sorts of old GW bits and pieces from their Vampire Counts range. He has the advantage of carrying an armed standard.

The Undead Cavaliers

The full army consists of a troop of skeleton lancers, three troops of heavy battle chariots and three regiments of battle chariots as well as Johannes (Revenant King) and his Standard Bearer.

In Kings of War terms, this comes to  995 points.

Johannes, Standard Bearer with an escort troop of Lancers

Battle Chariot Troops

Battle Chariot Regiments

Strategic Withdrawal

A swift advance to the rear after another defeat. Not to worry,  can always raise more dead.


  1. That's the advantage of the undead. Always more dead to raise :)