Friday, 8 January 2016

SMER Piper Cub

A German patrol cautiously inspects an abandoned US Army liaison plane.

SMER are a company that buys up old, very old, moulds and rereleases them under their own brand name. The detailing is not exactly Tamiya quality, the sprues often need cleaning, and the scale can be a bit off but they are robust and oh so cheap.

Mine cost me about £7.

This 1:48 Piper Cub is perfect as a piece of terrain for a Bolt Action Game in the Med or Western Europe. It comes with nice decals for early or late war plus Normandy stripes. It would also do for interwar or post war in Africa, Asia or South America.

They were built from 37 to 47 and are still flying today.

Although I use 1/72 planes to represent bombing or strafing models one really needs 1:48 if the aircraft is intended to be on the ground as a terrain piece.

Perfect for a wargamers needs: Recommended.


  1. I flew a piper cub a couple years ago, great little planes, lowest stall speed ever! Lots of fun, but very slow... I couldn't imagine flying one in a war!

    1. My father saw one dodge a German fighter in Tunisia. Went around in circles at zero feet.

    2. Wow! That's amazing. Your Dad sounds very cool.

    3. He had a full life as a young man.

  2. Nice one - love when nice models can be added to gaming, like this one.