Friday, 19 February 2016

Kent Medieval Wealden Hall House in 28mm

Timeline Miniatures make a very nice lasercut kit of a traditional Kent Medieval Wealden Building. A number of these are still around, albeit altered and rebuilt to a greater of lesser extent.In fact, Kent has the highest number of original timber-framed buildings in Europe.

The kit is dead easy to put together but I recommend you use a branded wood cement rather than simple 'white glue' as the former sets more quickly. All I did was slap on some textured Tamiya paint on the infills, which would originally have been whitewashed wattle and daub, and a thin brick wash on the tiles - the original roof would have been thatched. The jutting top bays are typical.

Inside, showing the central two-story hall with central hearth. By the 16th C., this would have been replaced by a fireplace and chimney. In its original form the high ceiling allowed smoke to accumulate at the top and leak slowly out through the thatch.

The two top floors off the kit come off if you want to use the rooms underneath.

This version does have the latest in sanitation, the drop-it-outside privy.

Ah the luxury.

A real one.

Great model: Recommended.


  1. Are you going to paint the walls white ?

  2. I might but its low on my list of painting priorities.