Friday, 4 March 2016

Winter of '79, Air Corps Vehicles.

A Lynx and HQ Land Rover from the Army Air Corps.

The Lynx was a very advanced design. The world's first acrobatic helicopter, I believe it still holds the speed record. It is still a useful general purpose machine today.

These are diecast models. The Landy camo is Berlin urban circa 1990 but I like it and get bored with endless olive green. So in my fantasy world this is the camo of the AAC for urban combat in '79.

Airfix AAC Saladin armoured car and Saracen APC.Tracked vehicles were with the Ist Armoured in BAOR, Germany. The home army consisted of light infantry and wheeled mechanised infantry.

Again with Berlin urban camo, in my fantasy world the Rock Apes, the RAF Regiment, are part of the Air Corps.

A troop transport Landy.


  1. I like this idea John, I think it works really well. Now, I need Unimogs and Warlords British Commandos for my Guardians force!

  2. The Berlin camo scheme is great and a nice change from green and black as you say. However I can't say this period grabs me for a variety of reasons.

  3. Nice Berlin scheme. There's a chance that some 'specials' like the centurion machine gun nest might have been moved back from Berlin to the UK.