Friday, 20 May 2016

Air Support For My Bolt Action Japanese Forces

Three Japanese Army fighter aircraft. Imperial Japan had no independent air force and the Army and Navy treated each other as enemy powers. The IJN procured land-based planes that were completely different from IJA planes, right down to the minor fittings.

I use 1/72 models for Bolt Action air support because of their convenient size.

From right to left, we have:

Type 1 'Oscar'
The most common Army fighter, nearly 6,000 were built, it soldiered on to the end of the war despite increasing obsolescence: light, manoeuvrable, fragile and under-armed.

Type 2 'Tojo'
A heavier armed interceptor, the Tojo was faster and less manoeuvrable than the Oscar. Poor performance at high altitude impeded its use against B29s. Over a thousand built.

Type 3 'Tony'
The most 'European' of the main three IJA fighters, the Tony had an inline engine. Over 3,000 built.

Navy Bomber 'Frances'
A fast, long-ranged, land-based, multi-role bomber, the Frances was too sophisticated for Japanese industry to manufacture in bulk and the thousand or so built were notorious for unreliability. A good medium bomber, the Frances was an utter failure as a nigh-fighter.


  1. The Japanese Tony has what I call an interesting camo scheme that ones sees. I really ought to go away and read up about it more, being that interesting camo is a hobby of mine.

    1. There is disagreement whether that is camouflaging or peeling paint. The Japanese stopped using primer and left the planes out in all weathers.

  2. You have nailed the Japanese look with these models, John.

    Regards, Chris.

  3. Honesty forces to admit that I bought these ready painted from a modeller off Ebay.

  4. Very nicely painted aircraft! I can see the scale being acceptable w/28mm ground figs. Gives the impression of them flying higher up :)