Sunday, 14 August 2016

Warbirds Over Kent

It is the Headcorn Air Show this weekend and the highlight is a flypast from the Battle of Britain flight on their way to the show at Eastbourne. I took this with a handheld Nikon using a 200 telephoto.

Red Fighter

Mitchell Medium Bomber

Catalina Seaplane

Army Observation Plane


Chocs away, Biggles.

Another chance to see.

And on the way home, the Red Arrows overflew the car on their way back from Eastbourne. Great finish to a great day out.


  1. Great shots, and we are lucky to be able to still see these flying.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic day. I remember once, about 20 years ago, feeling down in the dumps whilst walking through St Austell, the Battle of Britain flew over - cheered me up completely.

  3. I did see the battle of Britain flight fly over medway on the Weekend. BUT camera was broken and not handy so I missed any pics!

  4. Nice photos. Nothing stops you in your tracks like the sound of the Merlin engine.

    1. They have a really distinctive sound.

  5. We watched the Battle of Britain flight from the garden as it flew east along the Thames estuary. Quite a sight!

  6. Amazing!

    I must say: recently I was out on a solar-powered boat trip around Chichester Harbour, and whilst we pootled silently around, we were thrilled by the roar of a Merlin engine as someone paid six grand to be thrown around the sky in a Spitfire.

    That was on my birthday.

    Happy birthday, fellow!