Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Arcworlde Come To Rochester Models

Alex of Warploque Miniatures

Warploque Miniatures is a newish company that has exploited the advantages offered by Kickstarter to, well, get kickstarted. The photo shows Alex sculpting new miniatures for Arcworlde in Rochester Games Models & Railways.

The Arcworld Range at Rochester Models

The full range of miniatures up to now have only been offered by Warploques website but now the range is on exclusive offer in shop at Rochester Models. This is a large model shop covering diecast models, plastic kits, wargame models, boardgames, GW, etc. etc. - and has a number of play tables available to hire inexpensively.

 Arcworlde Fire Dragon

The Arcworld models are in the new 'heroic scale' - about 32mm - like Warlord's Doctor Who: Into The Vortex. They are premium models and priced accordingly The Fire Dragon above is huge and costs £65.

Albionnican Empire

The Albionnican Empire is one of the Arcworlde factions. The starter pack of nine models, an officer and eight troopers is available for £25 and I am definitely buying it!

An Arcworld Wizard

All these models are from Ian's collection. Ian is a stalwart of the Rochester shop.

Arcworlde Rulebook

A rulebook is available for £20 as a stand alone item or as part of starter sets.

Inside The Book

As is commonplace these days, the rulebook is scrumptiously illustrated.

An Arcworlde Demo

Rochester Models has all sorts of promo-days for different games systems. As part of this day, they were running Arcworlde demo games. It's a very friendly place and well worth a visit.

Ian, incidentally, is the fifth from the right (wearing glasses) in this photo.

Great models, Ian!


  1. If I had known I would have turned up.

    Oh well it is me that has missed out!

    1. Unfortunately this was not advertised anywhere except from their FB post a couple of days before, I didn't even know and am a playtester for the game.

    2. Ah, it was listed around the Medway wargaming clubs.

  2. Dear John,
    Fourth image, second figure from left: is that a pangolin?

  3. Hi John can I just say I'd wait till ooh December 26th before going on a spending spree (spoilers)

    1. Dear Shami,
      I never buy anything before Xmas.....I've been well trained.
      But you have certainly wet my appetite.

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