Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mighty Maus

Warlord Games have just released the Pz VIII Maus in 1:56 scale.

The Maus was one of those lunatic German obsessions with gargantuism that bedevilled their war effort.

Only two hulls for this 188 tonnes superheavy tank were built before the factory was overrun by the T34s of the Red Army. It had a 128mm main gun and a 75mm as secondary armament.

The Maus made no sense at all either as a battle tank for real or on the wargaming table but, you know, I am going to buy one anyway.

Just gotta be done.


  1. Hi John, Here is the Fluff and rules that I wrote and can be found on the Warlord website.

  2. One Maus is currently being restored in the Moscow tank museum. It will not be a perfect version as the hull and turret are from different vehicles.

    Other interesting facts are that Bovington has all the blueprints for the Maus. and that it took 13 Sdkfz half tracks to pull the Maus the soviets now have from the battle field when it was destroyed.

  3. It's quite fun to play the online Woorld of Tanks Blitz version but inevitably gets out paced by the Russian Mediums Obj140 and T62A at the same tier level.

    1. Imagine getting to redeploy this thing over strategic distances.

  4. I'm proud of you, John. Every proper WWII wargamer should have an unused Maus in a box somewhere or other. Roll on the 1/56 Ratte :-)

    Regards, Chris.