Monday 24 April 2017

New Map of the 40K Galaxy

Things are going to hell in a handcart. My Chaos marines seem to be on the march.


  1. Finally - the "Great Enemy" seems to be living up to their name.

    All hail Father Nurgle.

  2. Is this to do with the new version or part of your campaign?

    1. No, this is official Ashley, the galaxy is about to become an inferno.

  3. Rise of Chaos indicates that the galaxy is overpopulated. I was thinking that in 40000 the natural development of galaxies is either a) Tyrannies come and eat everything setting the clock to zero, or b) the whole galaxy rises to a new level of existence. Would be nice to see them go through it. They said they aren't gonna "blow up the universe", but maybe they'll blow up a single galaxy?