Friday, 16 June 2017

40: The Mighty 8th - New Smurfs

In honour of the launch this week of the mighty 8th, I decided to paint some Smurfs, my  first since the original Beaky-Box boys were first issued in plastic - 30 for £10!

As paint has moved on a bit, I airbrushed some Mr Hobby Metallic Blue using a nifty double-action model that I recently got from Rochester Models for the princely sum of twenty five smacker - which is a hell of a deal. This paint is not designed for airbrushes so I added some bespoke flow enhancer and a bit o' car windscreen wash to dilute the mix after undercoating in Army Painter White.

Five Smurf Cadet Snipers.

Some more Cadets all set to win their spurs.