Saturday, 12 August 2017

Review: Quick Fit Plastic Deathguard

Gee Dubya have released a Quick Fit Build box of three plastic Deathguard, clearly aimed at the 'toy' market.

So should a wargamer buy them?

They are pretty similar in concept to the Deathguard marines in the starter sets, i.e. push together, which is why, I suppose, they are quick build.

'Push together' means 'spring slightly apart after the glue has dried' so I recommend cutting off the push together lugs before gluing.

Note: a friend of mine decries this ridiculous idea and advocates making the sockets wider instead.

So should you buy them?

On the plus side:

First up they are only a tenner so are reasonable value. Hell, an Ayrton Senna represents great value compared to character models currently going for a Bobby Moore.

Secondly, they are different from the ones in the starter set - a definite plus.

Thirdly, one of the heretics is clutching a Blight (grenade) Launcher which is a useful supplement to one's putrid host.

But on the flip side:
I assumed they would turn my seven-marine starter unit into a ten-marine set - but no. One of the models is a champion with sword and power fist as the set is intended as a three man section, which ain't a lot of use. You can take two models away from the seven in the starter set and make two five-marine sections.

Kitbashing the fixed-pose champion to turn him into a standard marine would be very tricky and probably not worth the effort.

So, my advice is buy them if you want to turn your starter section into two smaller sections, otherwise wait for the box set which will undoubtedly be on the way.


  1. Nice models. I like the grenade launcher sculpt.
    I suppose you could pad out each five marine squad with the upcoming multipart box, no doubt it will include another grenade launcher and plasma gun.

    1. I guess so, Phil. Will let you know when I get my hands on a box.

    2. The current deathguard section leader miniatures seem very heavy on the wargear... power fists, plasma guns not pistols and a Plague sword... quite a lot for an 'NCO' type.

  2. Not bad for a Tenner. Which means down under probably $40..that's if they get this far.