Sunday, 10 September 2017

Gosh, He's a Big Boy

Haven't had much time for painting recently as I've been finishing off a book but I did get around to modelling a Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought.

This is a complicated highly posable model with a multitude of parts that move or open. Display modellers will love it but it is almost over-engineered for a wargame model. Of course, this trend is also detectable in the products currently being offered by non-wargaming kit manufacturers - especially vehicle interiors that can't actually be seen when the model is assembled.

I have read of show judges inserting fibre optic probes into models to check out the quality of painting for non-visible parts. And wargamers are supposed to be obsessives!

Anyway, the model is infinitely posable: you want it in a sumo wrestler crouch? - no problem,  an arm out shoulder high clutching a cultist? - piece of cake, doing chinups - why not?

Just for fun, here is a Primaris Dreadnought by the side of an old one.

The Primaris undoubtedly has presence on the battlefield.

It also has presence in game turns. I've given it a typical general-purpose mixed weapon load of a heavy gatling, close combat weapon, flamer, twin assault grenade launchers and an AA missile launcher with ground to ground capability.

Hellbrutes don't stand a snowball's.

Great model: recommended


  1. I hadn't realised they were that big!

  2. The mighty dreads of old are now the mini dreads of old. Almost sad in a way...almost.

  3. That is insanely large! The promo pictures don't do it justice until you stand it next to the old ones.

    Is there any way to remove the beer belly from it by leaving off some parts? That is probably the only bit I'm not overly keen on with the design

  4. Painting the inside of the model!!

    Great looking figure though. I'd have loved to see the 'chin-ups' version thought, lol.

  5. Not so much a dreadnought as a space marine knight